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If you or your company or school are looking for English teachers, post your job offer using our SETA jobs form below

Teachers Wanting Work
If you are looking for extra work send your c.v. & a brief cover letter to SETA at ShanghaiEnglishTeachers(at)gmail.com
We don't post teachers available ads here, because we regularly send out jobs available ads to our discussion group members [ join at ShanghaiEnglishTeachers-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ], however, you are welcome to post on our SETA forum.

Working in Shanghai Advice

advice [below] on pay rates & working conditions in Shanghai, China.

Teachers Needed

  • SETA provides these ads 'as is'.
  • Applicants are encouraged to use their own discretion when considering these jobs.

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German School Shanghai

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German School Shanghai - 2 vacancies

Pudong Campus
EFL teacher for primary school
4 to 8 periods a week
starting immediately

Puxi Campus
Trained English Teacher
16 periods EFL at primary school
8 periods in kindergarten
starting 2008/08/01

contact: job@ds-shanghai.de

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EF English First (Shanghai, China)
contact: molly.fitzpatrick@ef.com

Our students cover a large age range. Adult students are typically professionals over 22 years old and our younger learners range from 6 to 18 years old. Our corporate clients are executives at large Chinese firms or multinational corporations. Regardless of which student profile you teach, you will be meeting and training the current and future leaders of China.

REQUIREMENTS - Am I Qualified?
In each candidate, we look for some key qualities: professionalism, organizational abilities, good communication skills and a team player. In addition, we require that you meet the following general standards:


Molly Fitzpatrick
EF English First
3/F Jinling Hai Xin Building
666 Fu Zhou Road
Shanghai, China 200001
上海市黄浦区福州路666号金陵海欣大厦3层, 200001
(86 21) 6133-6325 direct office
(86) 1367-158-7064 mobile
(1) 617 830 9752 fax
contact: molly.fitzpatrick@ef.com

Part-Time Evening School Instructors for Adult Education
Instructors are needed for a centrally located university to tutor Westerners in the evenings or weekends. Classes are conducted in English.
Subjects include: Literature, Creative Writing, Fashion Design, Film Making, Art, Painting, Sculpture, Interior Design, various Computer Skills, Web Design, various Western Languages, Chinese Language, Chinese History, Finance, Business Subjects.

If you have the skills & experience to teach these subjects [or related subjects], we would like to hear from you.
Send details to: ShanghaiEnglishTeachers@hotmail.com

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Working in Shanghai Advice

advice on pay rates & working conditions in Shanghai, China.

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SETA teachers wanted advertisement guidelines


please include the following information in your job advert:

    • school name
    • location
    • students' age or school-grade
    • students level
    • type of classes to be taught
    • qualification requirements
    • other requirements
    • contract period & starting date
    • teaching hours
    • housing details
    • salary
    • airfare reimbursement policy
    • contract period
    • teaching hours
    • payment per hour
    • transport allowance [if applicable]
    • your full name
    • your position at the school , or your affiliation [relationship] with the school
    • your email address
    • your phone number

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SETA teachers wanted posting form

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your email:
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